Enjoy the process of creation

Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity ~Marina Abramovic

Hey kings and queens.

Enjoy The Process of creation

I have always imagined myself as a writer who sits by the beach with a laptop and writes novels and earns money. Who sits by the beach and read great works of great writers, but I couldn’t be more wrong that it is just a faraway romantic dream.

No artist ever sits by the sea or a beach to write or create, they might but I don’t think it’s an easy thing to do; it involves a lot of distractions.

Leaving away all that romantic dreams aside from being an artist of a writer. I got a job, in a good company and willing to explore myself further.

The only thing I always hated most, the creativity destructor, a job.

As a creative person, I always hated jobs, that typical 9-5 jobs, day in and day out you grind sitting at your desk, but I have one right now and I don’t know what to do about it.

But I don’t feel bad about it; you have to go through things you don’t want in life to get what you want.

I feel good to have something to do, as a writer I had nothing but reading books and writing them, but more than that.

Someone in India said to have passions more than writing itself, to have a job that pays you when writing doesn’t pay you.

Anyway without wasting your time lets jump into the conversation.
I want to talk about how important it is to enjoy the process of creation in art.

Art flows freely from the heart of the artist to the heart of the audience.
There is a reason that creative ideas come to those who are less stressed out, outgoing and enthusiastic, they’re open to criticism.

Art should be performed or created like that, with enthusiasm and open-mindedness.

An artist gets lost in proving the world his/her talents.

He creates art which might appeal to the world, might earn him some penny, might make him successful, but, as an artist, you should focus on creating quality art.

I have always seen myself more as an artist than as a writer. I am that person who creates art in my minds of readers. My brush is my pen and my canvas is my reader’s imagination.

I have always done that and felt happy about it.

But last year a lot changed. I had a few quarrels with my friends over something and I wanted to prove myself as a good novelist.

I had this drive to prove myself, my art to the world and make everyone feel wrong about me, but that only hindered my growth as an artist.

I have written 2-3 unpublished projects these two years and I have also written erotica purely for the sole purpose of earning money.

I am still ashamed of myself.

I wrote this novel, called, “Leila” “Leila was that project which was close to my heart, my soul.

I gave everything I had inside me when writing it, and unfortunately, I had only negativity, rage and a lot of anger to unleash, and I had Leila to transmute all of my energies to.

Leila happened to be a good story to read, but something lacked in it, something that was there in my previous two novels, my previous two novels weren’t perfect but they had a good touch to it.

With that lacking feeling, I began chasing perfection, I made every character, scenes, paragraph perfect, and wrote the entire novel 3-4 times and I only ruined it.

My voice as a writer seemed to fade away, my grit as an artist stopped and lost somewhere. I took a long break from writing and I used my time into other aspects of my personal development. I was not creating anything, I was lost.
After a lot of time, I came too realized that the only thing I lacked in Leila was, Grit, passion, and love. Whatever I wrote before had that grit, had that passion and love inside it.

I enjoyed the process of creating when I was writing my previous novels, but with Leila, my chase for perfection ruined my art and this artist. It ruined my own belief as a writer.

After taking a break and reading good novels, reading great works and refocusing, after 6 months of struggle and writing something, I found the story I wanted to tell and I found the art I wanted to create.

Right now I am working on a novel and I am 22k words done with it.

I started enjoying the process of writing. The process of conjuring up words afterwards.

I enjoy my characters stories and I get deep into their souls and rip their stories apart.

While writing their stories, I cry, laugh, I get stricken with grief, but I write a great page every day and I love it.

I am not taking my writing seriously as I used to take it before, that’ll only make my writing come off as structured and not free-flowing.

I am giving it time to finish within three months, it’s a crime genre based in Mumbai and explores Mumbai’s gangsters and the crime.

I am writing with grit, passion, and love, I am ripping my soul apart and delivering what I had to deliver when Leila was due.

Leila didn’t realize and thank god, but I am making this one release.

An artist has a soul and chasing money, perfection, ego satisfactions will kill that soul and you won’t be able to create good art.

What I wanted to say is that, as artists, no matter what the world says, always believe in you and create art.

Don’t chase money, perfection, that’ll only ruin you as an artist.

Create great art. That challenges society and the status quo.

Never try to prove yourself as an artist, only try to love what you do, be passionate about it, have grit.

Open up your heart and souls, and create.

In creation lies the greatest joy.

Enjoy the process of creation. Open up your hearts and souls.

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NoFap, Semen Retention, Discipline & Unleashing the artist within.

Unleash the Artist within

Hey kings and queens, you must be thinking who is this person?

Did I follow him?

That might have happened once in a blue moon, when I was posting regularly last year then I stopped.

Every year I do this, I pop out of nowhere and write and posts then I disappear only to come back again and post, ONCE IN A YEAR. Every year I promise that I’ll post every week, or every two-three days, but I don’t do that I make this promise with me every year that I’ll write consistently on blog but I fail to put up the content, but last year something happened.

To speak about my last year’s journey and how much I have changed from last years. How I have built a newer me and I love it.

The journey of NoFap and semen retention is always been hardest for me, I am still struggling but I have had a few days of streaks 20 days mostly thrice. I have done semen retention and I have changed, but that is not only the case I have done a lot more.

Last year I went from being a couch potato, slouching all day, watching Netflix, porn, what not, to reading nonfiction books every day, writing my novel and building good habits. I have started meditating everyday for 10 minutes, I read 50 pages of nonfiction everyday and I have also started to read fiction 50 pages every day, I have started writing 2000 words everyday with inspiration from Stephen King, and I have started going on runs every day for 5 kms. I have gone through a lot in building this habits within  me, I almost burned the manuscript of my last novel, I got my heart broken and recovered and then broke my heart again by chasing perfectionism and stoicism. Not to be against stoicism but I wanted to become an emotionless person, but I didn’t, that only ruined me and my creativity.

But ever since I have started building this streak a great change has started happening in me, I am more positive, I am more active, I fall less sick, and I am more creative, and I love every part of it. I love the process of waking up every day, going for runs coming back, meditating, reading non friction and fiction and writing 2000 words every day, I love doing that. But I’m still far from achieving my goals, goals that I have set in my mind. I am pushing myself harder to go for 90 days straight, that’ll finish my novel, I’ll be finishing more reading and I will run more distances in 90 days.

The way I have changed I have learnt a great deal of insight. That change happens slowly, it’s like a chemical reaction, two chemicals react slowly and steadily then the reaction happens and the chemicals change their form. Habits are just like that, habits take time to engraved in your mind, it takes 21 days, 60 days, 90 days for a few people, but one by one habit by another keeps forming and then you become that person, you become a person who wakes up early to run and write and blog and read and take care of yourself. Your habits slowly and steadily become a part of you.

Nowadays when I don’t follow my routine, I just slack and fall into the world of over simulation I feel lost, and I don’t feel like myself. Habits must be built to a fuller extent.

NoFap and Semen Retention have helped a lot, but I am still a bit backwards to fully change my approach to porn and masturbation. But stopping it and going on long streaks have given a kind of motivation and determination that no other routine has given. Meditation is strong it gives you a sense of clarity and great for creative ideas , but semen retention when combined with powers of meditation, you are bound to generate great results in your life.

That’s my goal from now on, to have a long streak of retention and build my routine and strengthen them. So that I don’t go back to my older self and I stay strong and keep on writing, blogging and creating. This creative energy cultivates and keeps cultivating and when you give it an artistic expression, it just spurts out of you magically, and gives power to your every thought and every word.

We are creatures of habit; everything we do from waking up to going to sleep is a result of habit.

Being lazy and masturbating is a habit, watching porn or movies or series back to back is a habit.

Getting lost in over simulation is a habit. We decide what and which habit to build, but we humans aren’t that conscious enough of ourselves.

We live life on autopilot and build habits automatically, but we have to stop being on an autopilot. We have to be conscious how a certain habit can affect our life and our state of being.

The point of this post is to keep going, no matter how much you fail, or how much you succeed.

No matter how much you end up your older self, if you want to re invent yourself every day is a new opportunity and you got to start fresh. Little by little changes come to you like a chemical reaction.

Breaking bad comes to my mind when I talk about change, Walter White didn’t become Heisenberg in one episode, it took 5 seasons, 64 episodes to become Heisenberg the change happened slowly and built up little by little, like a chemical reaction.

That’s how change happens, everything or every routine you practice it builds slowly steadily and engraves inside your mind and it becomes a second nature to you.

Then all the habits, from waking up to going to sleep, they cumulatively react and change happens like a chemical reaction after a lot of years, after a lot of hard work, determination and persistence.

I am saying all this because I haven’t achieved my goals yet, I haven’t built habits, but I have built a few weaker good ones, and building it day by day.

I am feeling a great change in myself, and I am proud of the journey I have gone through this year.

Maybe it’s just a part of growing up or being mature.

Maybe this is real change inside me, whatever it is, I am going further with my goals, I am willing to persist no matter how much I fail, I like this newer me.

Stay strong.


The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck | Author

“The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson is a book that everybody is reading nowadays. They liked the rant inside the book that is giving them a new perspective. This book is good and it is also a must read, but, it only got sold because of the title of the book. In every page, there is “F*ck” that loses the context of the book. “Not giving a f*ck” means to get disconnected from everything that shouldn’t bother you. The author talked about this well enough. There are many things that bother us, many things that stress us out and we don’t live the life we want. The art of not giving a let me say, damn! Is quite simple, disconnect. Disconnect from people who are toxic. Disconnect from things that distract you from your goals, not give a, damn! About people who you loved, cared a few years ago, they left you, okay, now don’t give a damn about them. Don’t give a damn about that politician who spreads hate speeches. Your work is looking after your goals and achieving them. This book should have got titled, “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Damn!” but for marketing purposes, they went with a title like this. This book explores other interesting stuff. Like the niche of self-help that grew in the 90s and everything in those books was the same. Those books taught us to think highly of ourselves to achieve a goal or a dream. After reading what kind of books even if a person hasn’t achieved anything in life, he gets a with a delusional image of himself. I also had problems with books like this so I connected with this topic. Then the author talks about how pain makes us grow. Easy wins don’t matter, a goal or a dream that gives us a lot of pain, hurdles, anxiety, that matter, because that lets us grow into a good human being. This book taught me to always accept pain, no matter what, don’t reject or neglect it. You will learn something from it. There were a few things that pained me. Then I got this new perspective, and I look back, at things that pained me, I am glad that these things happened. I learned a lesson. Pain makes us grow. Accept our life and don’t be a delusional egoistic freak, who hasn’t achieved anything in life. The other good stuff I liked was taking full responsibility for your life. This started with a story of a failed doctor, who hasn’t done anything in his life. He was always a failure, but he decided to take full responsibility for his life and he transformed. I had always taken full responsibility, but I often deal with acceptance. I have problems accepting defeat. Now, I tell myself that I am responsible for whatever happens in my life, and I have to accept and work towards it. This book won’t change your life. This book doesn’t discuss things in a deeper context; also this is not an interesting book to read. But once you read it, you will be able to change your attitude about some issues.

“Everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience. Any attempt to escape the negative, to avoid it or quash it or silence it, only backfires. The avoidance of suffering is a form of suffering. The avoidance of struggle is a struggle. The denial of failure is a failure. Hiding what is shameful is itself a form of shame.
Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life, and to tear it out is not only impossible, but destructive: attempting to tear it out unravels everything else with it. To try to avoid pain is to give too many fucks about pain. In contrast, if you’re able to not give a fuck about the pain, you become unstoppable.”
Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

“The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.”
Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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The Magic Of Thinking Big | Author

The Magic Of Thinking Big

“The Magic Of Thinking Big” is another great book on my list. This book deserves to be there because of its simplicity and efficiency. I am a fan of this book. I read this book three times. I never read a book again but this was a special one. Two years ago while I was still dealing with my hatred for “The Secret” and the whole series, I got this book. This book teaches you to think creatively, remember James Altucher’s “Idea Machine” concept, I think he borrowed it from this book. Thinking big starts with thinking creatively. This book highlights all the aspects of human behavior that stops them to succeed. Like how we humans compare each other with others. Like how we are always limiting our beliefs. How we hate getting stuck in a rut but we are actually the one who has decided to stay stuck. The book starts with belief as the important pillar for change in a person. Belief can shake mountains and can even help you achieve a dream. You have to believe, everything you wanted to be in your life, you have to believe in yourself. That hard project that doesn’t finish, you have to believe that someday you’ll finish it. Everything starts with a belief, whether it is getting fit, or being an Olympian, you have to believe. You are what you think, so whatever you think you become that. If you complain a lot, you’re a complainer. If you gossip a lot, you’re a gossip-monger. The book goes on to talk about managing your environment and attitude. If you have just one person to visit in your weekends. If you do the same thing day in and day out, then you are going to live that same life until you die. Do yourself a favor, take responsibility, learn something new, do new things that’ll change your perspective and help you grow. The book also talks about being active. Setting goals and striving towards achieving them. This book is not, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” or The Power of Now” or “The Secret” this book, is about thinking big. Setting big goals, believing in yourself and changing yourself. This book is about self-improvement and growth. It talks about many things, it’s a small book to read, but a lot of topics have been explored, that makes it a fantastic read. Now, this book will certainly not change your life. Or bring you success, as any book doesn’t bring you success, it gives you ideas to succeed. You read this book and implement it, and then you’ll soon start to change your way you think. You will start to see the world differently and positively. That’s what’s important.

“The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you have”
David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

“Think you are weak, think you lack what it takes, think you will lose, think you are second class — think this way and you are doomed to mediocrity.”
David J. Schwartz, Magic of Thinking Big

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Emotional Intelligence | Author

What do you think is the greatest gift of life? What super power do you want that could solve all your problems? Many people answer is, “I want a high I.Q” “A high I.Q will bring me good grades” “Make me standout” “Give me a good job and a good salary”. After years of research on human intelligence. We thought that the intelligence of a person is what describes how successful he/she will be in his/her life. We thought that the intelligence of a person decides how well he/she will live his/her life. All intelligent people on this planet have been successful but not because of their I.Q. But because of their E.Q, Emotional Quotient. This book talks about E.Q why it’s important to understand and be aware of emotions. We all want to be successful and live a lavish life. We want a good brain that can memorize answers. We all want a superhuman brain, but what about improving your emotional quotient. In every successful individual emotional quotient plays a big role. Every successful man has become successful with not only an idea but because of his/her attitude. He lost many times, got criticized, failed, and then he trained himself to be resilient and became successful. Ask any successful businessman, “how much has your I.Q contributed to your success”. They will say, “very less” because half of the game is about managing emotions. We are humans we are lead my emotions. Our emotions let us follow something. Our emotions let us buy something. Our emotions even have the power to start a war or bring a revolution. But our brains are there for generating ideas and making logical decisions. The society puts a lot of effort into I.Q. But it has forgotten that E.Q is the other important factor that plays a major role. Our emotions bring us food, money; we work because we don’t want to be starving and homeless and sit in somewhere to beg. Those who have managed their emotions, those who don’t get stressed out. Those who are always calm and even after facing a huge loss they take care of their emotions and show up next time. Only they become successful and live a peaceful life. Only I.Q won’t give you a peaceful life. There are many intelligent people in this world, they pass school, get degrees, get Ph.D.’s, have a nice career, but they don’t get successful. Because they don’t know how to manage their emotions. They know how to manage their minds, handle big data, handle huge tasks that command above average intelligence. But they don’t know how to manage those sad feelings that keep coming out of nowhere. They don’t know how to manage anxiety. They don’t know how to manage stress. Next time whenever you think that you don’t have that great brain while handling a task. Take a deep breath, meditate, relax and try to do it again. Try to understand other’s emotions and feel them, be empathetic. Because our ideas or brains don’t govern us, our emotions do. After I read this book I made a goal to meditate daily for 10 minutes. I have been a lot peaceful. Also reading this book after “The Power Of Now” made it easy to manage my emotions. I was always staying present. I didn’t allow any disturbing thought to creep inside my head. Read this book as it is important to understand emotions. Reading this book will encourage you to think from other people’s perspective. It will make you more patient and less angry.

“In a very real sense, we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels”
Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

“Emotional self-control — delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness- underlies accomplishment of every sort”
Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

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The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind | Author

“The Power Of Your Subconscious” mind is n’t, “The Secret”. This book talks about the subconscious mind in a scientific manner. Unlike “The Secret” where everything is left to the universe. I read this book a year ago while juggling with my student, blogger and writer life and it changed my mindset. It made me positive and calm. I haven’t always been a fan of positive affirmations so I hadn’t used those. But as far as thinking’s concerned, I have grown more positive and goal oriented. If I encounter a problem I imagine the solution in my sleep. Sometimes, I find my solution but sometimes I have a nightmare. When I read “The Secret” I became an idiot that I repeated affirmations, visualizations all day. This book doesn’t teach that. This book teaches the proper use of your subconscious mind. It could be to generate an idea or to find a solution or work towards achieving a goal or stop a bad habit. Not the counterproductive “Ask, Believe, and Receive”. This book talks about our subconscious mind. Almost everything we do, every person we meet, every deal we close is the result of our subconscious programming. The subconscious mind receives every information, works on that and gives input to the conscious mind. Many people are outstanding with their work, no matter what, they always succeed. It means they have mastered their subconscious patterns. A subconscious pattern means how we program our subconscious minds. If you repeatedly tell yourself that you’re an idiot. Guess what you’re making the pattern of the subconscious mind stronger. You will after some days, months, weeks or year’s end up stupid. We tell ourselves many things daily, positive, negative and neutral. Those self-talks impact our subconscious mind and they form patterns. Those patterns govern our life. But you can make use of this information and benefit your mind and body and your life. Think positive, see the end result, have a vision. Stimulate your mind in whatever ways possible to succeed in whatever you are doing. Rather than being negative and always complaining about your situation. If you want to be fit, but cannot find any way to do, then close your eyes and imagine yourself to fit. Imagine all aspects of yourself, like running a mile, being healthy, looking good. Those thoughts will send a signal to your subconscious mind and if you repeat it, it will help your mind to change that pattern. Repetitively doing it will then stimulate your mind to think for a way to be fit. You will find a creative idea. I use this method to find the story idea I want to write. I must say this works. The main reason “The Secret”didn’t work because they thought their readers are stupid. The secret really confused my life. I spent a year hating myself and blaming every self-help book ever written. Then I found this book and then I understood that what was told in secret is true but they told it differently. They could have told it scientifically like in this book. These topics should be discussed with scientific proof. Not like a Disney movie. This book cannot change your life. Nor do you any good. But it will help you use that thing inside your skull and let you live a happy life. And also help you be positive. Read it but practice half of it.

“All of us have our own inner fears, beliefs, opinions. These inner assumptions rule and govern our lives. A suggestion has no power in and of itself. its power arises from the fact that you accept it mentally.”
Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

“Know that in your deeper mind are Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power.”
Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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The Power Of Now | Author

I read this book two months ago. By far this is the best book I have read. Anyone who is working towards a goal or a dream should read this book. The world is constantly changing. Our needs are changing. We are always living in an autopilot mode. We don’t know what is happening in our lives. We are always thinking about something. Always lost in our own world of simulation. We are so lost that we don’t actually know what’s happening in the present. This book taught me to take it easy and live the present. This book discusses how we are always thinking something, our minds are continuously running. We don’t take a break from it. We don’t stop thinking for even a few minutes. We need to stop this. We all want to live a life of freedom, no clinging and craving attached to anything. But we are always attached to our thoughts that stop us from living our lives to the fullest. Get back to the day where you wanted to be happy, then something hit you, you got reminded of old days, your past. Get back to that day where you were happy, but you thought about the future and got worried. Those are the example of how our minds don’t let us embrace our present. This is a book that teaches you to stay in the present moment and always be aware of your body, feelings, and emotions. Usually, we are always busy in our minds. We get lost in thoughts about the future. What we could have done is live in the present moment. As we get lost in our compulsive thinking we develop a pattern of thinking, and that governs our living. Of course, thinking is an important activity but you cannot be thinking every second of your life. Keep a timer, think about something, a problem or something that is worrying you then forget it. Keep a journal and write your thoughts on it then forget it. This book has the power to change your life, only if you detach yourself from your mind and be present in the now. Fully alive and embracing every moment that life presents us. This book is another must read.

“As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out the present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love — even the most simple action.”
Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

“Nothing has happened in the past; it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”
Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

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The Power Of Habit | Author

You woke up inspired ready to take on the world and become successful. You created a to-do list. The list was to Read, Exercise, Do Homework, Study, Do Online Course and Write etc…. but after a few days, you realize you cannot actually do that. You slouched back to your old habits. You woke up late, ran to work, skipped breakfast, ate bad, and sacrificed on your sleep. The power of Habit is a book about habits. It’s about building better habits in your life and staying consistent. We see many people in life change, they lose weight, quit smoking and do good in lives. They build better habits that make them do that. The power of habit talks about habit creation. Like, how habits get created in our brains. How our brains get wired to do the daily tasks on autopilot. A part of our brain lets us do the same thing daily. We bite our nails in anxiety, shake our legs, play with our hair, run our palms on the back of our neck to feel comforted. Our brains are designed to do that. Charles Duhigg in this book talks about the creation of habit of individuals, organizations, and consumers. Also talked about how data helps to identify the consumer spending habits. How organizations collect data to predict a lifestyle change in consumers to promote their product. That was interesting to me as I am a marketing student. The book is written, with some easy to understand scientific facts backed up with research. The cue, routine, reward loop is what makes the habit in brain stronger every day. I read this book and I challenged myself to read daily, write and meditate for at least 10 minutes and workout. It didn’t change my life but I got better every day. I started waking up early, bought dumbbells and started working out. Started writing daily. Started reading daily and finished a book a week. Also Meditated daily. For anyone who wants to make changes in your life but struggling to make it, this book is the best to start with. As every aspect of our life is built by the habits we’ve incorporated in our lives. If we have a bad relationship, finance, work ethic, that is because of our habits. We can start to train ourselves to form newer habits one by one and change our whole life. You can start by waking up early. Anyone trying to change your life, pick up one aspect and work on it. If it is improving your finances, then work on improving your finances daily. Or eating healthier then start with eating a healthy meal. Then next week eat two healthy meals. Then further it up to three healthy meals. It takes time. This book will not change your life. But you will realize that major problems in your lives are because of bad habits. Then you can try to improve on those things first.

“If you believe you can change — if you make it a habit — the change becomes real.”
― Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

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The 4-Hour Work Week, Book Review | Author

For everyone willing to turn their passions into a living. Every entrepreneur and the small business owner must read the 4-hour work week. Anyone can live the life of his or her passions. Doing what they like, but people seldom do it. For them, it requires a lot of effort, as they have a habit of doing everything. For example, if you are a writer writing a book, then you also think you can market this book. You can promote this book yourself self without any help. Even if you are doing everything that takes with promotion or selling or marketing your book. At the end of the day, you are killing your writing vibe and burning yourself out. You can outsource that. There are many freelancers available to work for you. Plan, and prepare your marketing and social media campaigns. You, pay the per task rate to them and they will be happy to do it. There is a part of the book which I liked the most was outsourcing. Outsourcing is the best way to take care of your passion. You do the main work, then outsource other aspects of your work. Outsource the marketing, the blogging, the social media management aspect. The options are endless in this world of internet. You can outsource unimportant aspects of your life. Then focus on your strengths and multiply on them. As I am writing for three years. I have learned a lot form this book. I have learned to focus my efforts on blogging and writing.
It talked about concepts like 80/20 rule. All 80% of problems come out from 20% of causes. 80% of your stress level is the result of the 20% of the causes. If, you have a new business and you aren’t making any improvements, then go with the eighty-twenty rule. Focus on important things, the 20% you aren’t doing and then multiply on those efforts. The book gives a pretty clear message in the end. It’s about living the life of your dreams and following your passion. Many quit their job to follow their passion and then get stuck thinking what to do. They don’t know how they will live their life now. The message of this book sums up like this. You do only those things that are important then you outsource the rest. You multiply only those efforts that bring you the most benefit, 80/20 rule. You automate everything from emails to social media sharing. You take ownership of your life. Internet business doesn’t mean sitting on your chair all day and waiting for something to happen. When reading this book I believed that only artists and bloggers can get benefit from it. But I came to realize that anyone can get benefit from this book. They just have to make use of it. Any employee, working hard form 9–5 and don’t know why he isn’t making progress can make use of this book. He can multiply on his strengths. He can outsource other unimportant work and can automate communication with clients. I really liked this book it gave me a new perspective on life in the 21st century. It is a must read.

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When my alarm rang. I woke up and switched it off. I bathed and dressed up, then went out. As I walked the lanes I questioned myself, “What to do today?” “why am I going out?” “college” I felt this awe going to college. That feeling you get when you don’t want to do something but have to. I saw everyone around me, and asked, “what if they also do what they don’t want to?” “what if they also don’t know what they are doing?” “what if they also don’t know, what is the reason they wake up every day and go out” “why?” Why do we have no idea what is happening in our lives? Why are we all doing what everyone else is doing and not know what is that we actually want? Why everyone wakes up and walks or commutes to his/her job without realizing why he or she’s doing it. In situations, we tell ourselves that we are doing this for the betterment of our lives. We are doing this for a better future. We are doing this for a better job. We are doing this for this and that. After a while, we believe that this is just the half-truth. We do it for our own benefit. We do jobs we don’t want to, to earn money. We go college and study what we don’t want to, to get a job. The other side of that truth is a compulsion. We find that things compulsory. We find jobs and education compulsory. We want good jobs, good education, everyone wants that. But do we actually ask ourselves what is that we actually want from life? Let’s ask yourself every day, set a few minutes on the timer and ask, “what is it that I want from my life?” question every answer that comes to your mind. “Is it jobs” “Is it education” “what will happen if I do jobs, will that fulfill me?” “what will happen if I continue my education, will that benefit me?” “In what ways it will fulfill or benefit me?” “Is that the only thing I want from my life, jobs, and education?” “what are other things?” “travel….” The questions will continue, I tried this for a few days and got tired. But I got clarity. I don’t only want a job that pays me. I don’t only want an education that will get me any job I want. I want a life, life is not jobs you do, books you study, life is what you live. I want a life, I don’t want a cubicle for my life. I don’t want a classroom for my life. I want adventures, I want dreams and ambitions. I want continuous growth from in my life. I don’t want to live a compulsive half-truth.


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Gandhi’s Three Monkeys

Media, being one of the pillars of the democracy has lost its luster and still fooling people. It agrees to show us fake news or propagate an agenda because it wants to keep their businesses running. Some want to propagate a news or an agenda because they want to benefit somehow from it. In the middle its the common man who gets fooled by both. Its the common man who gets sucked up. I always thought that a common man is the strength of a democracy. But as he gets fooled by people and media, is he actually a strength or a nuisance?
Control of information by media houses. What to show? What not to show? Showing only news that generates profit and TRP, reminds us that we are not in a mixed but a capitalist economy. Media doesn’t care about public interest it cares about profit. The political parties don’t care about public interest. They care about propagating their agenda further. A common man cannot control the media nor the political parties. Nor the people who want to spread the fake news for some benefit.
What should a common man do, then? This question reminds me of Gandhi’s three monkeys. Ones who closes its eyes, ears, and mouth, and only depends on self-judgment, self-inquiry. To believe in media in today’s capitalist time is to destroy the idea of democracy. The common man should close his ears not listen to the propagation or agenda. He should close his eyes not to get involved in agenda and fake news. He should close his mouth to not speak of propagation or agenda.
Media depends on funding. The ones who provide funds to media are the ones whose news gets attention while others get ignored. Farmers issues get ignored. Lower caste issues get ignored. Issues of discrimination get ignored. The only news that creates a further divide in society gets attention. It is up to the common man of democracy. The man on whom the whole nation depends, it is up to him to close his mouth, eyes, and ears to such media and don’t react. It is time to not to listen, watch, or say anything hateful, discriminatory, communal.
It is time.

Hi Again!

Well,  I have been out and not really been publishing for a while. I was really missing out blogging, daily, weekly and speaking my mind (writing my mind) as it should go. But, what happened with me, is that,  I got lost somewhere in between these things,  that were blogging, writing, studies and all. I wandered mostly, I then, slowly slowly found myself, you know, as a writer and getting failed many times, while creating content, writing novel and trying to get recognition on social media, you often get a little side tracked and reserved with yourself. I haven’t paid much attention to social media, I haven’t paid much attention to my writing also. But while I was lost, I discovered many things, about writing and myself.

I was writing something else actually, a crime novel, which was going to be a series, but on my birthday, something different happened, I got a sparkling idea and I changed my plot and deleted whatever I wrote and started writing something new.

My second novel involves a story about a man, who has lost his wife and daughter in an accident, who goes to travel to India and while travelling he explores meaning of life and way of happiness.

I got this idea while I was sitting and having lunch with my friends on my birthday, I went home, deleted my novel and started writing again. Now I have written somewhat 90 pages and I also have something more to write.

So, trying to stop blogging for some months, did really mattered. I now write in my college’s library daily for around ten pages. This is the habit that I  have formed, I stay away from my home all day, in college and write, my home is a distraction for my writing.

And with a new idea for my novel, I also have something entirely new that I am working on, and that is a Web series, it is based on, a struggle of a writer and a singer, which is based on some real life experiences. I have started writing the script of it and I am also directing it. And with all these  going on, I find it really hard to cope up with, what teenagers mostly do nowadays. Like spending time with friends, Participating in stuff etc.  Most teenagers have no idea where they would end up in future,  most don’t give a damn about life, most have a pass time of making my fun.

But still, that break from Blogging and writing felt good enough, now I am just one month away from finishing my first draft. We will be starting the shoot of Web series from April onward.

Well that is for now, it feels good to be back to blogging.

That’s all

Patel, towards India’s economic success?

Urjit Patel New RBI Governor

Raghuram Rajan’s exit and appointment of Patel as the governor of RBI, is a matter that has been going lately into my head. Rajan was the best policy maker, predictive person, a thinker in the economic world. He predicted recession early, openly criticized the government. He openly talked about the loopholes in banking and government actions regarding the economy. Then things got a bit freaky, Rajan wrote a resignation letter, you know the whole story behind it, and then after some month Patel was appointed as the RBI governor taking over on September 4.

Patel has  PhD degrees from Yale and Oxford, he had studied in world’s best institutions, he even worked for the ministry of finance, Patel also worked in RBI for some years, when Rajan announced his exit Patel was the best choice.

The Markets are now relaxed and confident, but then let’s see, what happens when Patel takes over the seat of the governor and how he tackles inflation, Economy as a whole and investments. He is regarded as a good macroeconomist, but he might be a little different from Rajan. His thinking and policies, his planning, he may or may not openly point out the mistakes of banking or government. He may or may not take investment and markets further; he may or may not take a positive and tactile approach towards inflation.

We don’t know that. I don’t know that. No one knows that. let’s see what happens when Patel take over and let’s see what policies and plans, he makes that will be a mark, a discussion point or a milestone towards India’s economic success.

The Muslims of TheWorld

What is happening in today’s world? Everywhere you look, every direction you turn to see, you only see violence, pain, anger, frustration, and anxieties. Yesterday, I read in the news about the Medina blast, a day before I read about the Dhaka and Kabul attacks and some days before that I read about the blasts that happened in Istanbul, at the airport. All these attacks were carried by the so-called “Representatives of Islam” but the question is “are they really the representatives?” They have attacked the Muslim countries and they even attacked the holy city of Muslims and the world considers them as the representatives of Islam, why?  Islam, in my thinking and experience, as I am a Muslim and have read the Quran and understood it, Islam is the most beautiful and peaceful religion, in the world, it doesn’t guide anyone to kill, the cliché word, “Jihad” that is misunderstood today, “is struggling with our own inner demons, in Allah’s way, to reach heaven”, “Jannat”. Many Muslims in the world are brainwashed by people, they are provoked by the people who misinterpret Quran and its meanings and they train them to do violence and kill people, and many Muslims are misguided that by making believe that jihad is the other way round, i.e. killing people, who are not followers of Islam. But why am I writing about it? Why? Because I am a Muslim and sometimes people point fingers at me, by wrong means and blame me and my identity for what is happening in the world. The Muslim countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, where the radical Islamism’s proportion is the most are also the countries with acute poverty. The people in these countries do not have the right education and thinking and they are driven by an urge to have enough to spend and  eat, so people in these countries do unlawful, violent and criminal activities to feed themselves and their families.

What do you think when you look at me? | Dalia Mogahed

Many Muslims are worried about the way they are perceived around the world, “just because some people of certain religion do violence, is it right to consider the whole religion and the followers of that religion as “Terrorist”? “Just because some people misguide and misinterpret Quran and brainwash people into violence, is it right that we consider that religion and the followers of that religion are“Terrorist”? Do consider it, “if your friends are bullies and stereotypes then people also think yourself as bullies and stereotypes”, the same falls into the people’s minds in the world today. In today’s world, Religion is the identity of a person, not his name or anything. Now that the “Representatives” have really declared openly that they are not the “representatives of Islam” by their brutal and devious acts, then you might like to reconsider the face of Muslims and the term Islam in the real sense.

See people as who they are, not what they are and what they follow, some people have golden hearts with ugly faces, but they are still humans, right? Some people have bitter hearts with beautiful faces, but they are still humans, right?

Shaikh Ashraf.


Only To Free My Soul

I open my eyes to see you,
There are you standing, with love and peace,
Here I am standing with hate and war.
I tell myself that I will never meet you,
I tell myself that I am not for you,
Deep inside I still believe that I wanted you,
But my mind tells I did not wanted you.

I ask myself the same questions,
I get different answers,
When I stand in front of the sea, feeling at wind passing by,
When I sit in the most beautiful garden looking at kids playing,
When I read the most beautiful texts,
All that I do,
I get caught with your thought,
If I could ever get to meet you,
If I could ever get to talk to you,
Only to free my heart,
Only to free my soul,
Only to free myself from you,
I don’t know that you love me or not,
But I do know that I loved you enough,
That day when I meet you,
I will tell you how much I loved you.

I won’t even want to listen whether you loved me or not,
I won’t even want to listen whether you someday thought about me or not,
I won’t even want to be there after I tell you this.

I tell you just to free myself,
I tell you  just to free my soul,
I tell you just to free my heart.
I want nothing else than that,
I don’t want your love nor you hate,
I don’t want you,
I only person I know is me,
I have to free myself,
Then I will tell you someday,
That I loved you,
And won’t ask anything in return,
Only to free my heart,
Only to free my soul,
Only to free myself from your thought.

Focus of a 16 Year old

Some days ago a boy asked this question on Quora, “What should a 16-year-old boy focus on in his life?” and I found this question quite enthralling. There are many people who do not know why they are going through life in an auto-pilot mode. Some know what to do with life, some do not, and some just wander their whole life. As the boy asked this question it was upon me to answer it or not, and I answered. This answer is not only for 16-year-olds but all kind of people of all age groups, struggling to find focus areas in their life.

Here’s is what people can focus on

Studies:- Study as much as You can, any topic, any subject read and study it. Make Wikipedia articles Your friends. Search about Your subjects in Wikipedia read it when You finish reading it, then click on references to read about it more. “The more you read in your teens the more you can absorb” my science teacher would tell that and I have followed it gracefully.

Career:– Read articles or magazines that are based on career, in India its Career 360. So read articles or magazines based on careers and continue to read about as much as careers You can. You will come to a point when You have to opt a career then, You will be too confused where to go. So, first make knowledge Your friend and read about careers and it’s prospects, when You have to decide what You want to study ahead, then You will already know what to study as You know each path, where it leads, You just have to walk the path and make wise decisions to move ahead.

Read books:- It is my favorite, every month I buy a Fiction along with a Non-Fiction, it builds my vocabulary and also my communication skills. So, read books, go to the nearby store find any book and read. Go to library and read. Read and Have depth of what you already know by reading more and new about the subject.


Build Your Intellect:– Yeah, build it, play chess, it makes You a better strategist of your problems and solutions. It also increases I.Q and builds Your critical thinking skills and makes Your a better decision maker. Play for at least 30 minutes with Your computer or Your friend. I suggest You play more with computer as it’s algorithm and logic can challenge each step You take and improve you game.

Get a Hobby:– Write, Play an instrument, Dance, Sing. I write mostly and read. So, get a hobby. Learn new skills and master them. If You have hobbies then You will never die in poverty. Master hobbies and entertain people around You.

Invest:– Invest monetarily and also psychologically. Invest psychologically, read books about self improvement then apply principles given it in. Investing in Yourself is the best investment You can find. Change Your habits, Your thinking, Your perspective and become better each day.

Invest Monetarily, I haven’t done that but looking forward to. Warren Buffet started investing in his early age before he became rich. So start investing early and spending less. Invest money in you bank account and begin saving, save big and increase it. Then invest in securities which are profitable and that assures regular income. Invest in long-term fixed assets. “You don’t need a degree, or education to become rich you just have to apply right thinking and make accurate investment decisions.” Don’t follow this advice but mark it.

Thank You.

Listen, Oh! People

Listen to your heart, He is telling you something.

Listen to your heart, he is telling you which choices to make.

Listen to your heart, Oh! Look he is crying in grief.

Listen to your heart, Oh! Look he is moaning in pain.

Why do you only go to your mind?

Why do you ask only your mind about choices?

Why do you only make decisions from mind?

What about, the heart?

Why do not you listen to him?

Ok, then, listen to only your mind.

Until the day, you will come to realize that, your heart is not doing anything.

Your heart is not responding for what decisions to make.

Your heart is not responding for what choices to continue.

Your heart is not telling anything.

Your heart is dead! You killed him! You killed your own soul! You killed your own desires!

Only by, only listening to what the mind thinks not by listening what your heart already knows.


What To Learn From Reading Novels

I have read many novels this year, starting from

  1. Half Girlfriend, Revolution 2020 and Five Point someone, by Chetan Bhagat
  2. Fault in our stars and Paper towns by John Green
  3. The alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  4. The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma
  5. Lee child by Jack Reacher
  6. The Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini
  7. Gone girl by Gillian Flynn


These books are mesmerizing, they refined me a lot, about life, love, and dreams and I love each book on my shelf along with the non-fictions, which I am reading. For that reason, here go what I have understood about writing from reading these books. Writing is about the following, which are, given below-

  1. It makes the reader experience – Books like- Gone Girl, The Kite runner, and Fault in our stars make the readers undergo the reality. These books make them feel what has been, written, these books, have such an intense writing, selection of words and paragraphs that I fell in love with them. Good writing is about making readers feel what you have written by picking right, words at, right place and paragraphs and letting them submerge into the book. Writing is about making the reader sense about the weather, about him, about his companion, about his home and everything else in his life.
  2. Educating the readers – Good writing is about, educating the readers. Many writers educate the readers through their novels. Fault in our stars teaches me about life and love. Kite Runner and The Alchemist educated me about redemption and dreams respectively. So, writing is about enlightening the reader about the countless chapters of life, which is love, hate, anger, peace, compassion, etc. it makes them contemplate about the situations and its consequence and benefits.
  3. Building Emotionallectual Value: – I put together this word, just a few days ago. I was thinking about what should matter me as a writer. Is that royalty or anything that had profound sense than that? It is building emotionallectual value, it means that a book, which makes the reader’s feelings, emotions change and it changes their intellect. Well, it was my idea to build emotionallectual value which has emotion and intellect, that is E + I = EI (Emotionallect). The books that I have read till now has emotionallectual value, like The Alchemist and The Kite runner, it teaches you about many times of being and also make your intellect nurture by phasing out many logical questions about life, that might leave you in awe wondering out loudly.
  4. Writing is about Description: – writers describe everything; they make the reader, immersed in the details so that they learn everything about the novel and feel it. Writing is furnishing attention to the details so thoroughly that it makes the reader dive into the details. Explaining an ocean, food, smell, antagonist, protagonist, road, and traffic is a remark of good writing. He/ she link two different things and present them in a most wonderful way.
  5. Forces the Reader to think: Writing is about making, the reader to think; it compels the reader to think about life, their dreams, hopes, and accomplishments. The characters written in these books, like Gone Girl and The Alchemist, are like one of us, they have dreams, love, hate in their hearts that they carry all through their life. They make big choices to go forward in their life, which causes us also, to think about our life and move forward.
  6. Writing is about Inspiring – Writing is about inspiring the readers, as in The Alchemist depicts a difference about listening to your heart to find treasure and Kite Runner about redemption. It encourages readers to follow their dreams without any fear and live life happily. It forms them to take charge of their responsibilities and their mistakes and rectify them. Therefore, writing is about inspiring people, in their life and helping them cope with their choices.
  7. Writing is Creativity with brilliance: – Creativity is writing from the start to the end and offering something new, is earning brilliance to creativity. Creativity is like a muscle the more you exercise it, the more it builds up. Gone Girl, the novel make you go scratch your head as its plot moves so, momentously, and back and forth. That is what you call creativity with brilliance. Writing is about building creativity, it is writing creatively, or trying a new way of narration, plot, or anything that exercises your creativity and maintaining that creativity along the path.
  8. Questioning Reality:Good writing makes you question reality. It makes you think about reality with a critical mindset and help you to make better decisions, I have read it somewhere that books teach you to thin, as far as I have read yes it has made me think and carry you critical decisions. Good writing is that actually which makes you question reality and arrive at a better decision.

Shaikh Ashraf.


Friendship, Love & Sacrifice

How I Wrote, “Friendship, Love & Sacrifice”

84 hours in 21 days


84 hours in 21 days

21 days reading for 84 hours

I read some of James Altucher posts in that he tells about writing for 2-4 hours and reading for about 2-4 hours. I can only read for two hours continuously and just for some days. I kept a timer today and tried to read and I was tired in an hour. It was mostly because of disturbance. I got out for some work and then when I came back and I was unable to read for another hour. That is why many people prefer reading before starting their day; they read their book in the morning when their environment is silent and peaceful and without any disturbance. They read it before the sun rises. Yeah, that’s good too, I am thinking to wake up at 6 tomorrow and read till 8, then read a newspaper, from 8-10 and then continue writing from 10-2, writing and reading should be equal, let’s see what happens. I had done it many times before taking an unwanted break for 3 months. Then I would wake up at 8 and read until 10 the newspaper and then I would take a bath and continue to read a novel that I was currently reading and then I would read until evening and then in the evening I would write as much as possible. Thinking to do it again and it would be easy now was there is no college for 3 months; this habit can be installed correctly. A habit take just 21 days to become a habit, so if I do it for 21 days continuously then think, how much should I had written, how much should I had read for just 21 days. Eight hours of work a day that is 4 hours of reading and 4 hours of writing, wow! Therefore, it would be 84 hours of reading and writing for 21 days. I write five pages in two hours, yes I have less speed, so then think I would have written 210 pages, and read much. Wow, I must do it, it sounds amazing, if I do it another novel can be published and poetry book also, that is all for today, Good night!

21 days writing for 84 hours

“Friendship, Love & Sacrifice”

How I Wrote, “Friendship, Love & Sacrifice”

Friendship, Love & Sacrifice

My Thoughts on :- Kapoor & Sons

Shaikh Ashraf

How I Wrote, “Friendship, Love & Sacrifice”

Every day this year, I told to everyone and myself that I will become a writer and I became one. No matter if, I ever get to the top list of the Best-selling section, but I will still be writer. I can tell my friends and other people proudly that I am a writer. Well writing is good, you sit down and write your thoughts down for hours and hours and realize you have written a good piece of Art.

What if no one, reads it? What if no, one comes to know about it. What if your book, fades away? Well you have to figure a certain way out for that. I have not figured a way out of that and I feel worried, but all this process remains great to me.

I started writing this novel in March 2015 last year, and I wrote about 10 pages and stopped. I tried to find inspiration every day and write but nothing happened. I was keenly looking for inspiration and inspiration did not come. What was wrong? Was I getting wrong inspiration? Inspiration comes from desire and thinking out of the box. Practically, thinking of new ways, asking questions, and figuring things out. I did all this, I made my novel descriptive, and everything and nothing happened. Then I got a forward push in August. It was August 15, Independence Day. It was my holiday that day and I somehow reached amazon KDP website and I did not know what that was but I saw a headline of self-publishing your book and I was astonished. I researched about KDP more and more and read all the blog posts possible and I thought this was great. Three days of August went figuring out novel, time to write it and time to publish it. Then I continued writing, this time I did not need a board waving “Inspiration?” in my life. “No matter what happens, no matter I ever find any inspiration I have to write,” I told to myself and wrote, wrote and wrote. I read, wrote, edited, wrote, and re-wrote. Everything happened, I wrote more blog posts and read more books and wrote as many things possible, I wrote out ideas, I wrote out themes and plots and I even wrote my novel closest to its end. Then the time came. I was very close to what I have been trying to do for many days, writing a novel but my results came and my marks dropped badly. As it was board exams after three months and I was very close, it was very difficult for me to figure out what to do. Which, way to go, writing, studying, or, both? What happens if I choose anyone now and another later? I got confused and stopped writing and got back to studying, as I knew that whatever happens I would always remain a student, I like to study new concepts and explore more, more, and this time I was exploring something out of my stream of choice, so what. Let me just explore my own stream commerce and study for exams, for three months and then continue writing again. It did not go well, every day I woke up as if I had to do something that I did not want. No new inspiration, no new ideas, and it were nothing. I was happy but something was continuously going on in the back of my mind, it was telling me to, “write that novel” and I was fighting with it every day and tell that “I have to study”.

Three months gone and I did my exams well enough and then I started writing, on the day exams got finished I realized that I opened the document and stared for 5 minutes at the blank document. Then I remembered the whole story and told myself the same line something was telling me at the back of my head for 3 months, “write it” and I wrote it. I was awake until 2 am and wrote it fully. I cried when I made my character die in the end but I finally finished it. I gave myself a high five that night and I felt something inside me lifting up. A feeling you get when you finish something fully on your own, a feeling of joy and accomplishment. Then I wrote a few blog posts and I finally clicked the “publish and continue” button. In addition, I am a writer now who has a blog shaikhashrafwrites and is an author of “Friendship, Love & Sacrifice”


My Thoughts on :- Kapoor & Sons


The movie started from a scenic location Coonoor, in that 90 years old played by a 70-year-old talented and charming Rishi Kapoor has just a wish to take a family photo before dying. Arjun played by Siddharth is a struggling writer and furious that his novel’s idea, was robbed, by, his elder brother, played by Fawad a bestselling novelist in London the two come together in Coonoor to visit their grandfather(Rishi Kapoor)  who has just got a heart attack. Thoroughly, the story has admirably written, scripted, well directed at beautiful locations and it is about families in actual life. Every family has problems and issues but they all love each other, but this film is a bit unlike, there’s aggression showed expressively by Siddharth towards Fawad and he has played his own character excellent, greater than he played in his movie, Student of the year. Fawad even has played great and his acting impression and expression progressed the film mainly, his deliberateness, towards love for his family and preventing every fight that happens. The two parents did their character but there was no touch and Alia Bhat, well she should do movies like Highway, which gives more highlights to her character. The story in the start is off-putting, boring and less interesting, and then just before first half story starts to shape up and after the interval, the story is fantastic! As intervals are made for that, for generating excitement and a little business for the vendors. The story moves briefly after the first half and each other’s characters expose their own actual selves, which remain additionally exciting.


On Script Writing

Although, I am fulfilled for the 130 rupees I paid for the movie. Family movies have indeed reformed from time in Bollywood. Look at Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Koun, now look at Dil Dhadakne Do and Kapoor and Sons, they have really improved. Before there was just marriage in films that showed families as good and happy but now it has taken a real turn. Script writing now for family movies are taking these films at a wider level, they are displaying each character differently and intensely and the fights that happen in a family due to these characters and it is good. Now writers are going into depth and discovering options and situations in Bollywood, which were not before. Well, I am just telling about some movies, not all. There are also movies whose main aim is to go into the Crore clubs rather than screening art a far-reaching and out of the box level. They lack creativity and filmmaking. All I mean is films should be unique and carrying great weight, also pleasurable and well scripted, the one movie which I found that went through all these is 3 Idiots. It was Different, well written, creative, entertaining and meaningful.

Shaikh Ashraf.

Friendship, Love & Sacrifice

Internet-O2 of 21st century.

Simplicity Underrated

A Peek into “Making India Awesome” by Chetan Bhagat

Simplicity Underrated

We find many people, concepts, problems and world complicated or over complicated. We find each person as UN-UNDERSTANDABLE being, we find every concept as bias and we even don’t understand ourselves. No one has a level of simplicity inside them; people complicate themselves too much and remain “UN-SIMPLE”.

Why is that? and What is simplicity?

Simplicity is understanding, people, concepts, world and even we in the simplest form by not making it over-complicated. Simplicity is remaining attached to the truth. It is remaining attached to the real world. How can person understand everything in a simplest form? How is that at all, possible? It is possible, by eradicating over complicity. Whenever we come across a problem, we always ask hard questions or difficult questions and make it more complicated. When I first read price determination in a market, I did not understand it. In that, only price changes and all the determinants of supply and demand remained constant. Why? I asked but I made it more complicated, why in microeconomics things remain constant and only price changes? It is very illogical. Then I read demand, in law of demand Alfred Marshal, assumes that every determinant of demand is constant and only price changes. It is Illogical and irrational, Alfred marshal is mad. How does a person’s demand is related to only price? I told to myself. Then I thought about it, and then I understood that Alfred Marshall showed the law in the simplest way, he remained concerned with price, only because price is the only determinant of  both consumers and suppliers, both can relate to it. God Wow!!!!!

We remain UN-SIMPLE because we ask complicated questions in the beginning without even understanding simplest questions. We have to understand, people, concepts, problems and events in the simplest form and then no matter how hard we try we cannot complicate it. The thing is to start asking simple questions and find the truth and try to make it complicated but it remains simple. We can also apply this in our lives. A friend of mine, not to mention his name, he is so obsessive over his dressing sense, looks and personality, so he complicates himself by taking other’s opinion about him, ‘Does this shirt look short’ he asks and I reply, ‘No’ and he doesn’t believe it. In his mind, he had made himself complicated, caring too much about his looks, dressing sense and personality. If he had asked simple questions regarding his style and personality and if he had understood it in simple form then he would not care too much.

In today’s technological and scientific world, logic, reason and intelligence is very overrated and wisdom, intuition and understanding are underrated. I always used to show myself as the smartest person in the room, then I made very less friends, then one day , I remained simple, or say stupid, remaining stupid is simple to me. I made my friends laugh and made another more friends. If we have to understand ourselves or anything at a deeper level, we have to start asking simpler questions, and understanding them, the more complicated we make it, the UN-SIMPLE it gets. Try it, because I had, and I am still trying to maintain my simplicity.

Shaikh Ashraf.

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How to find Passion?

I have finished two years in junior college and I have something in mind regarding my future studies but what I find among most of my peers is that they are unable to find their aim in life and think about their career and I always question that why is that? Why they don’t know anything about their life, why is that they don’t know anything about their dreams and way forward? What do they lack?

It is Passion. Passion is when you wake up in the morning and you know what to do with your day to make your life more successful. Passion is finding what you love in your life and living with it. Passion is loving your life, your choices and your dreams. But many people lack passion or they are impassioned. Why is that? Why do many people lack to find what they love? Why do many people go towards their life in an  auto-pilot mode? It is because they don’t know what they are passionate about. It is because they don’t try to find their real passion. It is because they don’t know the value of inner happiness.

Is it possible that passion be brought to life again in people? Yes. Passion is a feeling, a feeling to love, interest and stimulation you get when you do something. That is passion. Passion is the outcome of Open-mindedness. It is the outcome of Curiosity and Creativity.

Open-mindedness if you want to know what you are passionate about, then you have to be open-minded. Being open-minded is questioning your assumption and trying new things, experiences and hobbies. I always thought books were boring, then I questioned myself why do I think like that? then I started reading books, and it is a year now and I have read 20 books this year. Do I say I am passionate about reading books? yes, I love reading everything, I read novels, Newspapers and I really love to dive into the depth of words and feel it, imagine it. Therefore, you have to question your assumption and try to find what you love.

Curiosity if you want to know what you love, you have to dig deeper. You are following your passion, you are open-minded about something then you have to ask questions and dig deeper. You have to find or connect ideas; you have to solve problems by getting to know how other people solve theirs. You have to be curious about life. You should be always asking yourself, what is that I love? Why is that? Then dig deeper into it. I started writing my journal, year ago and I wrote it daily. I started this blog in August and I am even writing a novel that would be finished at the end of this month. I explored writing very much. I even explored blogging. Whatever you are doing nowadays, maybe learning or trying out a new hobby, ask many questions about it. Be curious about it, explore every aspect of it and then dig more and more deeper. It can make you excel and teach you a lot of things.

  • Also, be passionately curious, I mean not only ask questions but love to ask questions and find answer. You should love to explore and dig deep into topics until you are fully satisfied.

Creativity be creative, if you have an interest in something or cultivating a hobby then be creative about it, always try to find new ways to do things or create something. Connect two different ideas and try to represent your idea to a newer level. Whenever I sit down writing, I always try to write a little bit differently, every blog post of mine is different from other posts of mine. I always find new topics to write, so that I explore them and represent it in a new level. I always write my novel by exploring about what I am going to write about, and then I think through it and add more things. Follow an art, follow an idea or live some days by following an ideology, then try new things yourself.  

Always try to ask yourself, does it make me happy? When it doesn’t then try something else then another and then another until you find something which gives you inner happiness and joy, and when you feel that inner happiness and joy while doing something, then yes, that is Passion I am writing about.

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Shaikh Ashraf.


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Dreams, we everyone have dreams and everyone loves their Dreams. Some dreams are shared with others, while some dreams are kept secret, but everyone of us have dreams, we dream of the choice of life we want, we dream about the type of partner we want, we just dream. Most people or the society criticizes the people who dream, telling that, “dreams never come true.” But the fact is they do come true.

Imagine that if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not had a dream of making personal computers then could we have computers, imagine that if Edison did not dream of electric bulb then could we have ever thought of LED lights or CFLs. Imagine. Dreams come from imagination, and imagination is more important than knowledge.

Looking at all these, I tell you that dreams do come true; they come true for those who have the will to chase their dreams and eager or enthusiasm to make their dreams come true. “So Chase every dream, make every dream come true, live the life of your choice and in your own way.”

Shaikh Ashraf.

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Women’s Day Tribute- Malala

Today is 8th March, World Women’s Day and Happy Women’s day women’s. Today I am writing about the women/girl who inspired me to stand up and fight for myself, to fight for what i believe in, that women who taught me about the greatest gift of Education. She is Malala Yousafzai. Last year I read about her last year and here goes my dairy entry..

26 November 2014

On the afternoon I went out with my grandparents to care clinic and saw there some “THE WEEK MAGAZINE” the magazine highlighted some boring stuff and I had to start from the back. The back had some children’s issue working in small age to feed themselves.The next page I read or sighed was of Malala Yousafzai’s winning of the Nobel peace prize with an Indian, Kailash Satyarthi. As I continued to read I knew that she’s only seventeen of my age and won Nobel peace prize, I meant wow!!!!! That’s a big deal. It highlighted how she struggled during her school days and when she was shot. And her quote that, “it’s good to fight for what you believe in” that left me feel unjustified and amused. Going home I thought for a while how do some people manage to fight for what they belief in? Like Mahatma Gandhi he believed that we Indians were slave by the British in our own country. Like Nelson Mandela believed that there must not be any racism only humanity should exist. Like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who left his religion for caste to abolish. Even this girl is talking about that, she has been and now fighting for gender equality and education. The belief is the bitter truth you see in the world and you must fight it at any cause, as there are some people like us who are still fighting to stop it.

So here’s what I learned “Be the change”

5 December 2014

On 27 November I bought a book “I am  Malala” after reading the book, I understood how Swat Valley was under danger . How did “they” misinterpret the Quran and misguided the whole Muslim nation. How she fought with her family’s support and how she ended it being shot by “them” but still she has a hope and courage to fight back. After finishing the book I gave a second thought about what had I learnt from the whole book? Then realized that all I learnt is to speak up, yes to speak up and fight for what I believed in. Also, however education may be it is still the powerful weapon to change the world. Education just changes everything that a man has thought of himself and brings a change in society. If a society is educated it creates the next generation educated and the whole nation.Then I told myself that my aim is not just to score marks but to understand the importance of education and being educated the best for my life. The other thing I told myself was I should speak up, that will change me and give me strength to be myself at once. If no one speaks then change cannot be brought. All I learned was that speaking up and best education is the aim for my life. Thanks Malala for your direction and particularly Christina lamb this was my first biographical nonfiction book I had read.

Today is my tribute to Malala, for the inspiration she gave us and her remarkable work. And also to all the women, Thank You for showing us the way to good life. Happy Women’s Day.

Shaikh Ashraf.

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Confused or Critical-Thinker



He is a confused person, quiet person, absent-minded person, fundamental person. We have called many people with these names. We have even made fun of them, I have even made their fun too, until I realized that I am like them. I am quiet, confused, and absent-minded and I am usually lost in my own world of thinking. I am a thinker, a very bad or call it worst thinker and I like to think, whole day. If someone would give me money for thinking, I would take it.

Richard W.Paul
Critical Thinking Quote

Critical thinking, Is my favorite, as it makes me figure out what I want in life, keep an open mind and be skeptical. Although, I am not that much of a great thinker as I wrote earlier, but I am skeptical and have made better decisions in life, formed good perspective and it feels good. Critical thinking is, thinking about the world around us, thinking about its problems and forming an own opinion, it is looking at your world through skeptical glasses, questioning assumptions, analyzing it, reasoning it and then forming a good opinion or a good decision.

Critical Thinkers (1)

The world has many great thinkers; some of them are also great philosophers. What I feel about them is that they are always confused between good and bad, two better choices, two best ways and they end up choosing what is good, what is better and what is best. If you go through a life of a critical thinker, you may find him being quietly observing, forming opinion consistently. Being critical is about questioning your assumptions, ways of living and thinking patterns and consistently changing it until arriving at better choices, assumptions or way of living.

Critical Thinkers

They observe human behavior, or a problem or a subject for very long, and then they question them, and come to a decision. They do not accept ideas easily, they think ideas in their own way and they either accept the idea or make some changes in it. Being skeptical is looking at the world around you with your reasonable, logical or practical point of view. Critical thinking makes us realize our assumptions, makes us open-minded and makes our understanding better.


But, Why am I writing about critical thinking, what inspired me to write about it? Is there any reason?

From two or three years, I have been inspired about thinkers and geniuses, philosophers and writers, they are critical thinkers, but not always and they have their own unique opinion, they are also problem solvers. Being a thinker is that I always wanted; I wanted to think and make an amazing quote about it. Then I realized that a thinker is a person who always thinks, not the one who always wants to think. Our thinking is responsible for the life we live. Our thinking responsible for our likes and dislikes and our thinking is responsible for the choices we make. Therefore, it is important to be critical towards our life and make better choices.

As I wrote earlier, “critical thinker is always observant, skeptical and confused”, but he can understand the problem in different ways and give best solutions. He can have the best point of view and he can have the simplest life on earth. A practiced critical thinker is just like an enlightened monk. He has vision, ideas and a beautiful Mind.

Shaikh Ashraf


Hostage of Technology

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Hostage of Technology

Hostage of Technology


Are you travelling to a different place? Did you pack your bag? Did you keep all the belongings needed? Wait! Wait! Wait! Do not forget the chief and dearest thing, your “Mobile” and do not forget to recharge your internet pack.

Photo At Kalikiri, Sunset with Added Effects

Have you ever thought how captivating it is that while we travel we travel with technology? While we live, we live with technology. We have iPod’s, mobiles, chargers etc. we also carry them while travelling. The technology surrounds us like air in the environment. We feel connected to friends and people even when we are not with them.

I am the same. I carried my mobile phone while I traveled and also took selfie(s) and posted it on Instagram. When train started, there was network problem with my phone, I struggled by clicking “Retry” in Instagram and nothing happened. Moreover, when photos were, shared I struggled with the network to see how much likes I got.  What was I doing? I was sitting with my family, they were chatting and I was just trying to connect to my social media. I was just thinking of my social media reputation.

At Khandala.

Sunset Near the Mountains

Then I thought for a second that while posting and checking notifications, what have I lost? I have lost living. I have lost that conversation with my family; I have lost the laughs and happiness. I had always thought of living my every moment to its fullest, and when I was with social media, did I lived to the fullest? No. I did not felt the wind that went through my face; I did not see the beautiful mountains and wonders of the nature.

When I did not hold the present, I asked questions to myself. Is sharing on the spot and missing the momentum important? Why do I care how much likes I get? This question is not just for me, also for the tech perceptive and social media, socialize rs. Just ask yourself.

Visualize you are travelling and then you took your photos and posted it on Instagram. However, due to bad reach-ability of network you keep on clicking “Retry” or checking for the available networks. After Several minutes, those photos are, posted to your profile. Just think that, that “Several minutes” is the lost time. What could not you do in that time? You can see the beautiful mountains, feel the wind and talk with your family and friends.

Social media is a great stage for sharing life’s experiences around globe and people. What about the experiences lost during that sharing?

Therefore, what I have learnt is, live every moment to its fullest, and then share the full experience. Do not care how much likes you get. Just consider whenever you click “like” on any post by your friends, you just click “like” for them without even looking carefully at their post. So why do I care about my likes?

All I want to express is, are we alive, in our days or are we just sharing, liking or commentating? Are we really living? On the other hand, the Technology has trapped our living spirit; it has made us a hostage. Just think about it.


Shaikh Ashraf Writes-Quora

“Forget the notifications, forget the likes and post. Deactivate your mobile data. Live, breathe, feel, laugh and be happy like you have never before”


Shaikh Ashraf.



Life is what we make it

It has been years now, when I look back I feel almost alive,
Life passed in a way that it always seemed impossible to strive,
I have seen happiness; I have seen love and desire to live,
I have seen the impossible being finally achieve.
It was always the beauty of life that thrilled me whenever I looked back,

It was always the thing about life that gets interesting,
That life is not the way we see it to be
Life is the way we make it. Life is the way we live it.
Life can be a way of happiness; life can be a matter of love.
Life can be the dreams we desire to achieve.
Life is always the way we make it.

Let the heart Beat

We all are different; we all have different mindsets,
We all think differently, we all act differently,
We all are unique in our own ways, we all want to live on own terms
And we all want to live a life according to who we are.
It doesn’t matter that we are different from others,
It doesn’t matter that we dream a different life unlike others,
It doesn’t matter that we think differently,
It is who we are,
We are unique like everyone is in their own ways.
Therefore always chase your dreams and listen to what your heart says.
Let your heart Beat “Dil Dhadakne Do”

Freedom of Speech in India

Source: Freedom of Speech and Killing of Humanity

The writers’ giving up their titles, their awards against the intolerance in India is quite impressive. It makes us think who we are. What we have done? Writers or intellectuals are the backbone of the country’s liberal development. They are intelligentsia and have valid points to prove but often they are criticized or ignored. Writers spend hours trying to prove a valid point and they try to bring change through their writing.
India has freedom of speech, which enables citizens to express their own views openly. People can express their views or even criticize others. But many of us do not understand this freedom of speech.
It is not that we don’t respect the fundamental rights that our country demands every other citizen to follow. But somehow we are forgetting this. We are forgetting that every human being whether he is Indian or American or anyone has a right to express their views, their thoughts freely either by the way of communication or through any medium of communication.
But the fact is we Indians violate the freedom of speech and has made it just a number of sentences of constitution and it has no real existence. It’s not that the government doesn’t follow the constitution it is we the citizens who don’t follow it. Remember how the famous celebrity who was criticized? Do you remember the killing of Rationalists of our country who were against superstitions? Or the intellectuals who has great ideas for the development of the country, are ignored and misunderstood.

Why does this happen?

The main reason behind all this is we. We the citizens of India who are very proud of our country, who are very proud of its heritage, are the murderer of The Freedom of Speech. We are not killing people, we are killing humanity. Humanity which has got rights, humanity which knows betterment of society, we are killing it.

Why does this happen?

Half of India is ignorant and half do not know that the freedom of speech exists. Whenever a problem arises, for example, a person is against superstitions and has valid evidence that these superstitious acts not to be practiced. That person is killed or mocked or humiliated, that person’s point of view is never taken for better understanding.

How will the country progress with the growing intolerance?

We have to understand this, for a greater progress. I don’t want my country’s people to fear for speaking up. I don’t want people of my country to live in fear and anxiety that anything they say that will be used against them.

“India is a country where every Indian is a brother or sister”, as the pledge says. But if these people are killed just think about it.

What are we doing?

It is like we are killing our own fathers, mothers, sisters or brother just because they have a different point of view about life and a different approach about matter.

Other Opinions

Shaikh Ashraf Writes- Quora

Shaikh Ashraf

Freedom of Speech in India


The writers’ giving up their titles, their awards against the intolerance in India is quite impressive. It makes us think who we are. What we have done? Writers or intellectuals are the backbone of the country’s liberal development. They are intelligentsia and have valid points to prove but often they are criticized or ignored. Writers spend hours trying to prove a valid point and they try to bring change through their writing.
India has freedom of speech, which enables citizens to express their own views openly. People can express their views or even criticize others. But many of us do not understand this freedom of speech. It is not that we don’t respect the fundamental rights that our country demands every other citizen to follow. But somehow we are forgetting this. We are forgetting that every human being whether he is Indian or American or anyone has a right to express their views, their thoughts freely either by the way of communication or through any medium of communication. But the fact is we Indians violate the freedom of speech and has made it just a number of sentences of constitution and it has no real existence. It’s not that the government doesn’t follow the constitution it is we the citizens who don’t follow it. Remember how the famous celebrity who was criticized? Do you remember the killing of Rationalists of our country who were against superstitions? Or the intellectuals who has great ideas for the development of the country, are ignored and misunderstood, why does this happen?
The main reason behind all this is we. We the citizens of India who are very proud of our country, who are very proud of its heritage, are the murderer of The Freedom of Speech. We are not killing people, we are killing humanity. Humanity which has got rights, humanity which knows betterment of society, we are killing it. Why does this happen?
Half of India is ignorant and half do not know that the freedom of speech exists. Whenever a problem arises, for example, a person is against superstitions and has valid evidence that these superstitious acts not to be practiced. That person is killed or mocked or humiliated, that person’s point of view is never taken for better understanding. How will the country progress with the growing intolerance? We have to understand this, for a greater progress. I don’t want my country’s people to fear for speaking up. I don’t want people of my country to live in fear and anxiety that anything they say that will be used against them.
“India is a country where every Indian is a brother or sister”, as the pledge says. But if these people are killed just think about it.
What are we doing?

It is like we are killing our own fathers, mothers, sisters or brother just because they have a different point of view about life and a different approach about matter


Shaikh Ashraf

I Don’t Know Why

When I saw you for the first time, my  heart felt a pain,
I don’t know why.
When I saw your eyes for the first time, my heart craved it,
I don’t know why. I started adoring you,  I started loving you,
I don’t know why.
I fought for you. I changed myself for you,
I don’t know why.
Time  passed like water flowing in the oceans, Our eyes met and we kept  looking at each other,
I don’t know why.
I wanted to run from  that situation, I wanted to run from  your eyes,
I don’t know why.
The irony of life is, when you love someone without even their knowing it,  you still love them.
The irony of life is, when you fight for someone  without even their knowing it, you continue to fight for them.
The irony of life is, when you change yourself for  that person and they  don’t notice, you still change.
But when you know that person doesn’t care for you,
When you know that person doesn’t love you,
Then everything destroys,
I don’t know why.
The world seems biggest enemy,
I don’t know why.
We for ourselves become our own betrayers,
I just don’t know why.

Shaikh Ashraf

Gateway Of India and lesson from photographer and boatmens

Today I went to Gateway of India. The view there was something strange, it seems that this area is made by craftsman, artisans and architects. From C.S.T station to Gateway of India, there were old buildings, when I looked at these old buildings I thought I have stepped into 19th century when these were made and after I saw the present thing, the taxis, cars, and people moving I almost felt that the city is a mix of present and the old past. On one side there is history which is past on other side there is a feeling of today which is the present.


At Gateway of India, there were boats which were going to the same destination called
Elephanta Caves; I did not go there as I was having low money. Although going by boat and feeling the water to its closest is the great feeling, but I sat there looking and just observing the people there. There were boatmen’s, photographers and hawkers, for them the place was no more than a way to earn money, they have spent their lives there and they no more feel the city like we or tourists feel.


The boatman takes the boat every day to Elephanta Caves, he returns every day and earns every day, he is frustrated by the same work, but the worldly life tells him that he is nothing without money. The photographer takes photos of couples, friends and tourists every day. He doesn’t get bore with it because it is only his way of income and he also have to complete his worldly desires.

A photographer came towards us telling that he would just take 10 rupees and print the photo on the spot. We refused, I observed him, he doesn’t felt sad but he tried and went to other persons, tourists and couples, some people refused but some agreed but he doesn’t felt sad and stopped, he tried

The world gives people motivation through its own teachings, everyone has teachings of their own and they live their lives according to that. Life is really a great teacher.

I learnt that there is no great teacher than life, don’t quit and people have to find ways to get motivated to work to fulfill their daily needs.

Shaikh Ashraf

A Peek into “Making India Awesome” by Chetan Bhagat

Today I finished, Chetan Bhagat’s book “Making India Awesome” Chetan is really a creative, logical thinker, his essays, columns have always caught my eyes and this book was “awesome”.


His Book “Making India awesome” In that book Chetan discusses the ideas, essays and columns that describe we Indians and how we think at the deeper level about politics, life and everyone, the book is moving and enjoyable, but it is for the one who understands and implements the ideas presented in the book otherwise there is no need for such book which challenges people’s perspective. The book describes how politics affect the country and how politics is deep rooted to our thinking. The book teaches more about the political environment of India, and how the situations are manipulated to keep the voting banks opens and flowing for politicians.


The book also tells about the “make in India” policy launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and why are we not getting any changes to see in the economy? Also tells the difference between the economy of India and china. The economy of India is controlled, held tightly by the politicians, there are rules for trade, business and an even foreign investment which makes the modern businessmen worried to invest in India and then chooses to invest his money in China. Therefore the book discussed that till the politicians hold the economy, foreign investments and markets under their control and change its policies frequently the “make in India” policy will not work and even become unsuccessful.

Chetan Bhagat also discusses that how we as voter elect the representative only by their caste, religions and their class, which divides the Indians and easy to exploit. If we want a new political environment, we should vote representatives by the way they work, or their talent, not to vote them looking at their class, caste and think that they would protect our caste, the specified caste, religion. This creates the divide among Indians and the political environment doesn’t change.

The next part of the book talks about the society, about how we Indians think about certain matters and how we need to uplift as a good society for the world, he talks about keeping our homes and our next 10 meters space clean, then only India will get clean, it is not about my cleanliness it is about our cleanliness, people throw garbage at an isolated place, then many people instead of throwing the garbage in the bin they throw at that isolated place and that place turns to be a dumping yard, then that place affects the health of the people living there. Then comes food, food as the main Indian heritage, our hospitality, it has more to it, many MNCs and profit making company markets their product showing some consumables as healthy, but in fact they are not that healthy. He suggests that the consumable products, drinks, should be presented with charts of health, if there are 5 green colored points on the packed of the products then it should be considered as healthy and can be allowed to sell in the market, of course that product needs testing, that will be done by the FOOD CORPORATION. He also talks about using roman Hindi, to promote Hindi worldwide.

Also talks about how we discriminate people from north western states and cities by their biological appearance and never support them, the north western India is beautiful, it has beautiful mountains, temples and is more pollution free yet no one talks about them and they are discriminated, they are faded always, they are less developed, we need to uplift them too, not just cities but also these places. Then comes a part of women rights which shows how we need to support women in their careers, help them in their self-discovery and making them realize that they are too hard on themselves. Then minority, mostly the book discussed Muslim minority how the world looks at Muslims and how it had affected them. It also tells that where minority is treated well it is a good democracy. Then the youth part, about the half educated, the students in India have less arithmetic and literary skills, they are not clear about the basic topics until half their education. Then also tells that youth is the power of the country, how we represent our nation and how can we bring change.

Moreover the book is “awesome” as I told earlier, it has just ideas, self-realization of where as a country and as citizens had we gone wrong. The best thing about this book is, the book makes you think, about you and your thinking about national matters of the country, it makes you think with an open-mind about equality, racism and politics.

Shaikh Ashraf

Ignorance Of The Educated Indians

India while I hate to admit the fact that is……..Ignorant, despite education, people of India are ignorant, stupid, literacy rate increases every year in India but why are educated Indians less creative and more ignorant? Why people are close minded? Why does it happen? What can we do? We need to eradicated ignorance, but how? Well, how do people become ignorant? People who don’t know to read and write, don’t explore wide areas are ignorant. So, education in India is growing then why do we still feel this ignorance among people?

Desperate schoolgirl

The answer why we feel ignorance is the education system of India. This system doesn’t differentiate students by their talents or skill but by their merit, what happens when merit backs off talent and skill? If marks are the only mean to give admissions in colleges, not by the understanding of the concept by the student, then the students are disposed to cram in exams, to get marks and also to get admissions. How does it related to Ignorance? The basic understanding of people if not cleared then also the further concept is not going to be fully understood. Students learn hard, score in exams, those who score high get admission, what about those who scoreless marks, are they less intelligent? While marks don’t make people less intelligent or more intelligent but the amount of knowledge does, may be the less scored student have more understanding of the concept and the other student have less. How do we can change this? Give marks on the understanding of the student and his skills and talents, examiners don’t have time to check that, so they give marks on the content written by students, maybe that content are not cleared by most students.

Schools, should introduce various kinds of activities, outside classroom and outside learning environment, which challenges the students minds and changes their perspective, many schools do that but many keep saying they don’t have enough fund for it, so give them mind games and also Literature, Novels which increases their imagination, language and understanding and help them expand their horizons. Why do students, who have capability, fail in the academics? This is due to vast medium of instructions; there are Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati medium schools, this schools give them knowledge they also understand it but after their SSC, the further education must be continued in English, the students understand, they are smart enough but are unable to write in proper English, as their primary education was mostly in their regional language. How do we stop it? Keep a single medium of instruction nationwide or keep higher studies in their regional language.


Is getting creative, smart and less ignorant important? Most students opt engineering and management, if we have to get more liberal then we should have students in different streams, different subjects, Do we want only engineers and managers in India? Or do we want painters, writers, great thinkers and also highly creative people? The latter is the best and also easy to implement. How? Develop freethinking attitude in students towards everything, every topic, free thinking is thinking creatively without any limits, so if students have a free thinking attitude they explore the world, be open-minded and chose the stream as per their choice.


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Indian Education System

Educated Stereotypes

Where has Education System Gone Wrong?


Let’s help India, out of the ignorance of the educated, and help the nations people be smart, creative and also Masterminds, we don’t want only engineers or only managers we want a nation of multi-talented people, who are liberal, great thinkers and great personalities, we can make it happen…..only if we want to.

Shaikh Ashraf

A Birthday Boy, a grateful Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my birthday, all the day I enjoyed, that day  was great, I woke up, my mother wished me, I checked my mobile phone my father and friends wished me, happy returns for the day, it was great. I met Vijay and Pravin my two best friends from college and we were happy, I think this year has been great to me, last year I did not celebrate my birthday and this year has been great. I changed a lot, I changed for good, changed for the best. I got introduced to books, then I changed, I realized that being happy in life is important than to live a life of luxury, the best luxury every person on earth can afford, can live up to is happiness.


I read books, widened my perspectives, made long-lasting friendships and all over lived my life to the fullest, I am close to my dreams, and I live on a day-to-day basis. That’s great right!! I love my life and the way it happens, I travel, I write, I joke, I laugh and I socialize, it feels like everyone loves me, but the fact is that I love myself, I love my dreams, everything, I love every part of me, the humorous boy, I love him, the broad-minded person, I love him, the bookish boy, I love him, I writing person who has got a best idea, I love him, the creative boy, I love him, the boy who is so cool, smart, and creative at the same time as my friends tell, I love him, I love myself, every day, I fall in love with myself, I treat myself and I dream the life full of love for myself, thank you, the inside me for giving me the happiest life ever I wanted to live, the craziest friends I have ever wanted to have,  the awesome ideas I have ever wanted to get, the smartest and humorous person I ever wanted to become, thank you. Thank you so much. I love the person inside me, and today I celebrated the birthday of the person living inside me, who is always dreaming, joking, thinking, and loving everything I do.


I have read books, my thought have deepness, my writing has a voice every writer wants, my friends love me, they enjoy my company, I live my life of how I imagined it to become, it is dream come true, I am not living a life I want but I am living a dream, and this dream is the never-ending tale of success, happiness and love, I want my life to show, to tell this story to every person it meets, that dream of living is fulfilled only by those who dream, who are happy and ever-loving themselves and everyone. Thank you so much, all the world, for making me this way, for everything that has happened to me either good or bad thank you, life for making me, teaching me and changing me for good, thank you so much. Happy birthday Ashraf!!! Yesterday I did not get time to wish you (me) so the best time is today.

Shaikh Ashraf


Memories of our conversations are still there,
Memories of our late night discussion are still there,
Memories of our playfulness are still there,
Memories of our thoughts are still there.

But, I don’t want those memories,
I don’t want those conversations,
I don’t want that playfulness, to play in my head.

You came in my life uninvited,
You made me happy,
You made me feel loved,
You made me feel peace.

Then You left,
You left without saying anything,
You left without “bye’s and see you’s”
I still waited, I still thought you’d come back.

But, You left without leaving anything,
Only what is left of you is, Memories,
I don’t want those memories.


One Body, Many Souls

I have people living inside me,
Telling their stories,
Their pains, struggles and desires,
I take a pen in my fingers and take a page,
Cut myself open, let those people come out through my fingers.
To tell their stories, to tell their pains,
They take charge of me. They control me,
After a while I loose sense of self.

Yes, I am a writer,
With no sense of self,
With so many lives living inside me,
Waiting to come out anytime,
Word by word,
Sentence by sentence,
Book by book.

Yes, I am a writer.


That Name, That Face

I sat near my window looking the rain,
Looking at the drops formed on the glass,
Looking at the fog formed from my breath,
I drew some letters on that fog,
I kept drawing letters, and realized I wrote a name,
I wondered whose name this was.

I sat near my window looking at the rain,
I drew the same name from fog of my breath,
Looking at the drops on the other side of the window,
I wiped it off, thinking which name that was.

The rain stopped,
But I still sat,
The glass of window turned into a movie screen,
I saw a face, She looked beautiful.

That face made me sad,
That face hurt me,
That face reminded me of that person that I was once very close to.


That Name, That Face

I sat near my window looking the rain,
Looking at the drops formed on the glass,
Looking at the fog formed from my breath,
I drew some letters on that fog,
I kept drawing letters, and realized I wrote a name,
I wondered whose name this was.

I sat near my window looking at the rain,
I drew the same name from fog of my breath,
Looking at the drops on the other side of the window,
I wiped it off, thinking which name that was.

The rain stopped,
But I still sat,
The glass of window turned into a movie screen,
I saw a face, She looked beautiful.

That face made me sad,
That face hurt me,
That face reminded me of that person that I was once very close to.



Sitting in a class, alone,
The boy kept looking at the girl,
She had a pony tail,
Sitting in the class, alone,
The boy kept looking her smile,
She had a beautiful smile,
Sitting in the class, alone,
The boy kept looking at her eyes,
Those were big bright,
Sitting in the class, alone,
The boy kept looking in her eyes,
The longer he looked,
The deeper he went,
As he looked,
He got lost in her eyes,
He got lost in her fantasy.

The boy went home,
And, He wrote poems,
And, He wrote novels,
And, He wrote essays,
And, He is still lost in her eyes,
Finding a way out…
© Ashraf Shaikh


On the peak of the mountain,
There I stood, eyeing the horizon,
Watching the sun rise,
Watching the birds fly,
Watching the sky turn to orange.

On the peak of the mountain,
There I stood, eyeing beneath me,
Seeing roads like tiny belts,
Watching people move like ants.

On the peak of the mountain,
There I stood, shaking by the wind,
Watching clouds close to me.

On the peak of the mountain,
There I stood, with myself,
No one around, only me….
© Ashraf Shaikh


I looked at my past, I realised,
All that I ran after was just illusions.
Illusions that movies and novels show us,
Illusions that we believed would come true,
Illusions that our soulmate is waiting for us in other part of the world,
Illusions that we will get a perfect job,
Illusions that we will have a perfect life.

All that I have done in my life, is chase illusions,
Chasing what seems to be perfect in movies, novels and stories.
© Ashraf Shaikh

Song Of Nature

Song Of Nature

I now see the beauty in everything,
I see trees big, bright and green,
I see the stream running down the mountain,
I see the fog forming on those mountains.

I heard the bird chirping,
I heard the noise of the stream,
I heard the noise of wind meeting tree’s leafs,
I heard the song of nature.

If only I wasn’t busy in my own little world,
If only I wasn’t busy in my own little life,
If only I wasn’t busy in my own little paradoxes,
If only I wasn’t busy in my own little traps.

Then, I would be seeing,
Then, I would be hearing,
The beauty of nature,
The song of nature…
© Ashraf Shaikh


Don’t try to change through force,
Don’t try to change circumstances through effort,
Don’t try to forget who you can’t through pain,
Don’t try to change your reality through living in a distortion.

Surrender, completely to what is,
Surrender, completely to what might be,
Surrender, completely to reality,
Surrender, your whole self.

When you don’t accept reality,
Then you try to change it,
You keep trying to change it,
But, Reality doesn’t change.

Trying hard will bring pain,
Trying hard will bring misery,
Trying hard will bring an end,
Surrender, yourself to what is, what might be.
© Ashraf Shaikh